Lense / Frame Repair

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Lense Repair: There are 4 reasons an individual is forced to replace their custom clip-on sunglasses. We specialize in helping with the number one reason clip-ons must be replaced (lost or stolen) and we can also help with the second most popular cause. If you have scratches on the lenses of your full framed custom clip-ons or sunglasses, we can replaced those damaged lenses with nine different polarized lenses choices at any of our Sunclip Express locations.

Frame Repair: The third reason individuals are forced to replace their clip-ons is due to breakage – we can fix that too. If you’ve ever owned clip-ons you realize that accidents happen, we can repair your damaged frames at a fraction of the cost of new clip-ons. The fourth and final reason individuals are forced to purchase new clip-ons…they bought new glasses. We can help with that too.