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The Vision

A unique product with a strong vision: Sunclip Express Ltd. custom clip-ons have polarized lenses that instantly convert ordinary prescription eyeglasses into highly effective sunglasses, reducing glare and providing protection from harmful UVA and UVB rays.

The Product

A product for everyone: We are concerned about our health and keeping active more than ever before. However as the population ages, more and more people will find themselves needing prescription eyeglasses. Old fashioned, over-sized clip-on sunglasses do not fit the fashion conscious and active lifestyle of many people. But Sunclip Express Ltd. custom clip-ons have the perfect combination of function and style to meet the demands of today’s consumer.

The People

People need eye protection in all seasons, for all kinds of activities: Walking, driving, boating, skiing, golfing, hiking, and sporting events of all kinds…the list goes on and on. Even on a cloudy day or in the dead of winter, light reflects off water, snow, roads and glass surfaces causing glare-and the need for sunglasses.

The Value

High value to the customer: Sunclip Express Ltd. custom clip-ons look great because they fit the customer’s glasses and they help maintain healthy eyes, our polarized lenses reduce glare while providing UVA and UVB protection. Available in a wide range of colors, Sunclip Express lenses are sturdy, scratch resistant, and lightweight. Sunclip Express Ltd. custom clip-ons are priced at a fraction of the cost of prescription sunglasses, providing an excellent value to the cost conscious consumer.

The Advantage

Advantages of dealing with Sunclip Express Ltd.: Today’s consumers want a quality product at a reasonable price but they want that product yesterday. Our mission is to provide the consumer with custom-made clip-ons for any style of glasses in one hour or less. Our goal is to protect your eyes from the harmful UV light and glare.